Davids Hut

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The name

The name Davids Hut refers to Acts 15:16,17 and Amos 9:11,12. The word for hut is the same word that is translated on other places in the Old Testament with tabernacle or tent. Recently Rainer Harter publiced a book in German, called Gebet non stop. In it he dedicates an whole chapter to the tabernacle of David.

It is very remarkable that God chooses to rebuild exactly the tabernacle of David, not the tabernacle of Moses or the temple of Salomo.
In the tabernacle of David there was no veil, like in the tabernacle of Moses or in the later temples. It was jus a tent in which the ark of the covenant was placed. David went in, it says (1 Chron. 17:16), and he sat down before the face of the Lord. David had quite an army of people to worship, honour and praise God. Among them were Asaph and his brothers. They ministered before the ark of the Lord (1 Chron. 16:4-6, 37), while the priests stayed where they were, in the tabernacle of Moses at Gibeon, and continued the offerings there like before the ark was brought to Jerusalem (vers 39, 40).

Apparently God loved this. It reminds us of the situation as we know it now: through the dying of Jesus the veil in the temple was torn and we can enter with boldness into the sanctuary (Heb. 10:19 and further).
The tabernacle of David was a foreshadowing of what God had in mind. Free entrance of people to God. But also a place where God constantly gets the honour he is due. And where God speaks.